What is the Long tail keyword & Short tail keyword?

The long tail keyword is the phrase containing more than three words whereas the Short tail keyword consists of one or two words.

The long tail keywords are used for specific searches and short tail keywords are used for general purposes,

Take the example of any general-purpose searches like

E.g. marketing — — is the short tail keyword search,

Now take the same search term for specific purposes like

E.g. Digital marketing institute in India — is the long tail keyword



Why we should use the long tail keyword?

In answering this question I will put a question for you,

Do you fight a battle in which you have more chances of defeat on looking after your ability,

Nobody will fight such a battle,

Similar is the case with the short tail keyword, in that it is very difficult to rank in SERP as it is very tough to overcome from the already ranked page in google with a short tail keyword.

Also, it is a proven fact that long tail keywords work better than short tail keywords.

Just see the below image as a chart of why it is better to use the long tail keyword than the short tail keyword,

Source of Image

One more question is the always being raised that!

Where to find the long &short tail keywords?

The best place to find all types of keywords is the Google AdWords planner,

It is a free tool and provided by Google itself so it is the most trusted place for all types of keyword research,

But this is not only the last place for it but there is also so many application where you can find the keywords,

Even google search also provides so many long tail keywords when you just type short tail keywords in the search,

In the People also ask for and Related searches section.


The whole SEO mainly consists of three parts,

1.Keyword research

2.On-page optimization

3.Link Building

In all the three, keyword research is the most important,

and in that use of the long tail keyword as it provides a more specific result,

As trends of voice searches are growing Fastly, in which people ask for a complete question in place of simply typing the short keyword, the

Importance of using long tail increases.

Thank you!


Originally published at https://blogersclub.com on October 23, 2021.



An engineer by profession and Digital marketing learner

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