What is Local SEO?

Local SEO is more related to a business listing and more focused on location-based searches,

You may have seen the searches like!

  • Lawyers near me
  • Doctors in Delhi
  • Coffee shop in Boring Road, Patna
  • Electrician in Ashok Nagar, Ranchi

These all are examples of location-based searches and come under the local SEO.

Image by Donald Bonnell from Pixabay

There are many places where you can do the listing for the local SEO, these are given below!

  1. Local directory
  2. Industry-related local sites
  3. Local partner sites
  4. The local chamber of commerce sites
  5. Local newspaper sites

In all these listing, the maximum number of searches are being done on the Google searches (At least in the USA around 80%),

Even in India, the maximum local business listing and searches are done on Google searches,

So knowing the google business listing is very important in terms of local SEO.

Google local listing:-

As we discussed above that these searches normally come with location-based searches,

It can be further narrowed down by the specific location,

Like Doctors in Delhi will be Doctors in Punjabi Bagh, Delhi.

Screenshot for the Google my Business

Google my business is a example of Local SEO,

We can do the Google my business listing by these steps,

STEP1:-Enter your business Name

Here you will have two choices

  1. Create a new business or
  2. Claim and existing business

Step-2:-Enter your address

Step-3:-Enter your exact location

Step-4:-Choose a category

Step-5:-Enter your phone number and website(optional)

Step-6:-Verify your listing

Step-7:-Optimize your listing further


Local search engine optimization is a very wide subject to know, I have just discussed in this blog a few steps related to listing with google business & its meaning,

Given below are the common practices for the local-SEO,

  • Keywords research
  • Short & sweet URLs
  • Keywords in H1,title tag & URLs

Also, you can use these trending practices for Local SEO,

  • Create a Facebook page
  • A social listing like Twitter, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram

I will come with detailed tricks for it

Thank you


Originally published at https://blogersclub.com on October 27, 2021.



An engineer by profession and Digital marketing learner

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