Is mobile phone communication private?

A simple “yes” is the answer to this question!

It is not possible by every TOM-DICK & HARREY that they can listen to the personal & private mobile phone communication between the two people by just having your mobile phone no.

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But now you will give an argument that I have seen in many Bollywood movies that many people are doing it very simply.

Ok, before I put my points over your arguments,

Let us first check, what technologies are telling,

According to the telecommunication experts about the mobile phone network,

All cellphone operators use SS7 or Signaling system seven,

Which allows mobile phone signals to move between the networks and allows companies to exchange their billing information with each other.

So, anyone who has access to the SS7 system, can easily able to listen,

And record the phone calls and even read the SMS & track a mobile phone location.

These anyone can be a hacker, a government agency, and a cellular network operator.

So now I do agree with your points that mobile phone communication is no more private nowadays.

So what is the solution for this problem,

Nothing, you can not do anything for this,

Because the problem is not in your device but the actual problem is in the network.

So no matter!

What type of phone you are using!

How much costly and equipped with security features!

How many times you have updated it!

How many times you have changed your phone passwords!

As the actual problem is from mobile phone networks.

With the above line, I will conclude the topics with the famous saying that we are living in a world where we can not trust the technology that we use.

One more point from John Hearing a hacker and security company owner that we are surrounded by two types of people one who is hacked and realized it and another one is who is hacked but doesn’t know about it.

I think the above two points make it clearly understandable to everyone about my topics.

Thank you!


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Originally published at on October 14, 2021.



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