5 Tips for increasing SEO-backlink!

SEO-backlink is the process of link building in the OFF-page SEO,

If you are able to get the quality backlink by white hat link building process.

It means your OFF-Page SEO is done, you don’t need to do anything else.

Image by Tumisu from Pixabay

5 tips for increasing the SEO-backlink,

1.Write testimonials

2.Skyscraper content creation

3.Content format

4.Guest blog writing

5.Internal link building

1.Write testimonial to increase SEO-Backlink:-

A question might be triggering right now in your mind!

How writing testimonials will help in SEO-backlink



We can increase our link building by writing testimonials for different applications & services we use for our works.

Many applications & services always wanted to write testimonials, to enhance & showcase on their page,

It is a marketing Funda by the businesses to build confidence among users & increase the business by showing on the webpage,

You can write the testimonial in return for a backlink.

2.By Skyscraper content creation:-

Let me first introduce you,

What is Skyscraper content?

It is a blog with more than 10,000 words.

For finding the topics for writing such a big blog, you should do the research first like finding topics for it,

You can use Google for this purpose and write content that is 5x or 10x better than the current trending topics and later on promote it on different channels.

You can provide backlinks to different services and applications through your blogs and consult for the return links.

3.Content format:-

You might be thinking that I am joking!

But it is true that Content format also helps in the backlink building,

Research by Brian Dean & Buzzsumo has findings related to that, in which they have analyzed around 912 blog posts,

Findings revealed that The why post, what post, and infographics are heavily linked than other posts.

Just see the below image,

Image source

4.Guest Blog writing on another website:-

It is one of the easiest ways for the SEO backlink building

Especially for beginners as in start, it is very difficult to

Recognize by the big brands for link building.

So you have to create a space by yourself by writing blogs for another well-ranked website related to your business,

You will get interaction with new people on a different platform and return with some quality backlinks.

5.Internal link building increases SEO-Backlink:-

The internal link building within your site helps in two ways,


It will provide better navigation through your website.


It will help in the SEO-backlink building process also.

You use any automated SEO, the first suggestion will be, provide an internal backlink for better SEO results.

Now your turn to say something!

Use the above 5 tips for SEO backlink building and provide your user experience.

Thank you


Originally published at https://blogersclub.com on October 25, 2021.



An engineer by profession and Digital marketing learner

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