5 Tips for image optimization

Now, comes in the process of image insertion in the blog, we usually download some images from the image library and insert them in blog directly,


It is not the best practice, it added an extra load over the website as it is not optimized ultimately it will reduce the uploading speed of the entire website,

Here are 5 tips, that are considered as best practices in the field of image optimization,

1.Resize your image:-

Many people get confused when they compare image size with

File size,

Image size refers to the dimensions(e.g by 1024 by680 pixels) of an image whereas file size is

the amount of space needed to store it( e.g.350kilobytes).

Similar to image size we have to pick up the right image format, here are the image format given below,

Pick the right file format

Normal practice is the JPG with a lot of color and PNG for simple


2. Optimize file name:-

Choosing the right file name is important for your page SEO,

Through this google identify the content and try to rank in the Google SERP so it is best to write the file name with a descriptive keyword.

3. Use Alt tags:- (Alternative tags)

Without alternative tags, it is impossible for google to index accurately your image it also helps the visually impaired to understand image content.

4. Optimize the image titles:-

There is a benefit when you are using WordPress,

As the file name is being taken as the image title so no need to

Put additional title.

If you are not using WordPress, then put a descriptive keyword

As titles.

5. Use caption:-

The caption is not directly linked with the SEO but it helps the reader to understand the image, Also, it is not a good practice to provide a source of the image.


The concluding point is that if you are not doing the image optimization then you are missing a big part of on-site SEO, as result it is going to affect your overall on-site SEO,

These are the points we have discussed above for image optimization

  • Resize your image
  • Optimize image file name
  • Use alt tags
  • Optimize the image title
  • Use caption

Thank you


Originally published at https://blogersclub.com on October 20, 2021.



An engineer by profession and Digital marketing learner

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