5 hack of placing keyword in your Blog

Keyword, I think you may be aware of this word if you are a digital marketer or have an interest in content marketing.

It is a word or group of words or sometimes in the form of a Phrase.

In SEO keywords are classified into three groups,

(A).Primary keyword

(B).Secondary keyword

( C ).Additional keyword

Primary keyword:-

Now the 5 ideal places for the keywords:-

1.A page title or blog title

Having keywords in your blog title helps a lot in SEO as google crawling is tried to find interlinks between your blog title and blog content over that google index the search.

2. Use your keywords in the META title tag

People always get confused between Meta title tag and Blog title, Try to understand that our meta consists of META title tags and meta description,

3. keyword in Subheading

It is always helpful in on-site SEO to have at least one keyword in the subheadings of the blog with H2 tags.

4. keyword in between the content

It is advisable that you use one keyword before the completion

5. keywords in the link

It is the best to place to use the keyword as it defines that there is ,

Concluding points:-

The keyword is most essential in on-site SEO, it is used in Heading


2.Meta title tags




For the detailed study of Keyword, you can use these sites

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Originally published at https://blogersclub.com on October 13, 2021.

A engineer by profession and Digital marketing learner

A engineer by profession and Digital marketing learner